Game Reserve

The 12.000ha Namseb farm offers a variety of animals from giraffe, eland, wildebeest, springbok, kudu, oryx, zebra, and warthog to the colourful world of birds.


About 10.000ha are for the game while the remaining 2.000ha are for the kettle. The game can move freely within the farm. Some of the game has favorite areas, e.g. zebras are likely to be found on the plateau of the Schwarzrand Mountain Range. In contrast to most antelopes blue wildebeest are curious animals which may stand and let you get quite close before running away. There is no need to be afraid of the wildebeest because despite their threatening look and behavior they are peaceful animals that will run of sooner or later.


Within the farm there are six artificial waterholes, which are visited frequently by game during the dry period of the year. One is located right underneath the plateau of the lodge. Right there you can find a nice spot with a bench and a table to watch the game.


Also ostriches can be seen on the farm. One of them is tame and comes now and then up to the lodge.
Furthermore you will be able to see huge bird nests. These are community nests of weaver birds. One is right at the entrance to the lodge.



The Namseb Lodge is situated on top of one of the many plateaus facing out onto the superb scenery, and is surrounded by the golden African savannah. The nature and scenery surrounding the lodge are sensational - beautiful and quiet. The dominating colors in the winter months are the red and brown of the soil as well as the yellow dried grass. But in the rainy season you will find an endless green expanse. The vegetation is dominated by two types of bushes: the barberry and the gabba-bush. 


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