steps for children


Steps for children is a foundation with the vision of a life beyond poverty. In 2004 and 2005 the initiator of steps for children, Michael Hoppe, was in Kenya, South Africa and twice in Namibia. He was looking for a suitable project site to implement his vision to sustainably help children in need.


  • We break the cycle of unemployment, poverty, alcoholism and AIDS
  • We provide better education and job opportunities for children and adolescents and balanced diets
  • We create training and employment
  • We promote small businesses and entrepreneurship
  • We achieve permanent donation independence of projects


We as Namseb Lodge support steps for children by buying souvenirs of the foundation. The money which the foundation earns will be used for different projects.
The souvenirs, like shoulder bags, cosmetic bags and pillow cases, can be found in our souvenir corner.


More information about the foundation steps for children and their projects can be found here.

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