Nama Sing and Dance Group


The Ama Buruxa dance group consisting of about 32 children aged 12-18 years will perform at the Oa Hera Namib Backpacker & culture centre, which is located in Maltahöhe. The show lasts about 1h and starts at 1:30 pm. The group is trained by two teachers, a music teacher and a choreographer. Ama Buruxa can be translated as “simply amazing”. The children are well trained and the show has a very high standard. The choir has already recorded its own CD and has won a regional cultural festival.

The show is divided into two parts: The 1st part is based on the Nama culture. The 2nd one on the Tswana culture, costumes, dancing and singing. The teacher introduces the audience to the Nama language and the different “clicks”. The show is made of songs based on events in everyday life of these two cultures, e.g. a young man asking a ladies hand in marriage etc.

Besides the singing there is a pleasant choreography and impressive demonstrations of the typical “Namastap” dance as well as a colourful set of costumes. They wear patchwork clothes, which are symbolic for the dresses the Namas made out of scraps which they picked up while travelling.


It’s always a real pleasure to watch and it’s a very special experience. With sufficient time a short question & answer session between the guests and the teachers & children can be organized.


Duration: approx. 1 hour


Rate: NAD 900 per show

All the money is for the children. They are paying examination fees, hostel fees, uniforms, school utensils etc. from that money.

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