Hiking trails

Follow the tracks of our hiking trails and experience the open savannah with endless views or climb one of the surrounding plateaus. Explore places which are unreachable by car where a kudu or giraffe may surprise you.

We have two hiking trails, which you can explore. Please take enough water, a sunhat and sun lotion with you. Don't forget your binoculars and your camera!


Please notice that we cannot promise you to see any animals on your hike, since our game can move freely within the farm.


The Plateau Hiking Trail


The Plateau Hiking Trail is marked by a giraffe symbol, which you will find on stones along your way. The trail is approx. 5km long and leads you first to a waterhole, than along the plateau where the lodge is located on and finally in a riverbed. Keep your eyes open, there might be some game between the bushes.


The Big Farm Hike


The Big Farm Hike is marked by an oryx symbol and is approx. 8km long. This trail leads you to the plateau that is on the opposite of the lodge plateau and through a riverbed. When “The Big Farm Hike” meets “The Plateau Hiking Trail“ which is marked with the giraffe symbol, you have the choice to either stay on “The Big Farm Hike” or follow “The Plateau Hiking Trail”. The walking distance would then increase by 1km to 9km in total.

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